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They Call Me Happy-Crappy

I can haz two modes.

This weekend's big news, LJ wise is that...

*trumpet fanfare*

I sacrificed myself out of therealljidol. In favour of norda. Who you should totally go and read, not least because she gets Ace Rimmer and Dr. Who and not in a totally American way either.

Obviously this means that I 100% hate, despise and abjure all things LJIdol.

Not really.

Those who have shared in my wtf-ery over the past gazillion weeks may now discreetly turn away. My profound belief is that, when more than about 3 people come together over teh intarwebz, wtf-ery will ensue. Especially with me. Slowly, yet deeply. Well, not that deeply, because it's me!

wtf-ery is a part of life. I fear it keeps my heart beating.

I have participated in this competition since Season 3 and this, Season 6, was the furthest I have ever got. I first joined because 1) I wanted to write and my species needs a whip cracking over me. 2) I wanted to meet people.

1) I definitely got.

2) I definitely got. It's been a mixed bag, which is the best kind IMHO. So far I have most definitely come across some very scary people. Some are scary because they are so durn talented. Some have been scary because they have been the kind of people one would not want to meet in a dark alleyway. Some have become confederates. There is a slight Venn intersection 'twixt the groups. Mostly it has been a laugh and an exercise in making myself aware of people who are good fun. Best concentrate on those! here are far more of them than cynical me would have thought. ;-P

My leading light this time has been a lack of energy to continue for now when there are better fit people to take my place - 6 people sacrificed this week and 6 thoroughly decent coves were put into their places in turn. It was time to return to my original ethos of just doing it for the crack, seeing who was who and taking every week I lasted into double figures episode-wise as inexplicable gravy. The opportunity to sacrifice came up and I just had to. It's in my programming.

It's a game. Play the game, keep your pecker up and don't let the game play you. Right?

alea iacta est and why so frigging serious?

LJ Idol Peeps...


You are getting verrrry sleepy now...

Join marjory for week 14.

By choosing marjory, you may choose any topic you desire with satisfaction guaranteed.

marjory comes with a selection of handy and stylish cup holders and free garlic bread.

marjory will make your teeth whiter, your abs tighter and satisfied consumers report that you won't have to change the oil in your car quite as often.

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This week for therealljidol we have partners. My partner is twistersflower and the link is here. My piece is here.

This week's poll ends at 9pm EST tonight. Please make sure to vote for both of us here. Our votes will be combined and the bottom two pairs will be eliminated. I do not mean for us to be one of the two pairs!

We haven't been gimmicky, we aren't political animals, we are just the best
Modesty is a disease...

Franklyn Everton Smith
Or at least very much better than should lead us to be eliminated!