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Buy! Buy! Buy!

dr_mitch, as well as being a mathematics sensei, likes to write role-playing adventures.

  1. Blood of the Gods - Wild Talents - Superheroes in Ancient Greece is very good fun and an adventure that people keep getting him to run at conventions. The base game can be bought here.

    To explain, he is fairly innocent of any of that Marvel/DC malarkey, but reasonably obsessed by Greek myths, ancient history and culture.

  2. Oh! And as a mathematical sensei he is also a bit obsessed by things like applying probability theory to mass combat rules, which is why he is credited here.

  3. Most recently, he wrote The Drowned Lands for Wordplay. This is a post.apocalyptic adventure and seemed to involve lots of playing around with apps to show what would happen if the South coast of England flooded and then gleefully flooding the area where he grew up.

  4. In the pipeline is Here be Dragons, which is currently being extensively play-tested* and a Wild Talents campaign all about the missing 9th Legion which seems to involve lots of obsessing about Picts and Celtic mythology.

I promise that all of these are fun and easy to run!

* By an elite squad of us and our mates buoyed up on takeaways and Pepsi Max. It's that scientific.


Today I had achy joints (bless!) and staggered off to the medicine cabinet in hopes of finding some paracetamol. Yes, I lead an exciting and dynamic life.

To my joy and delight, dr_mitch had purchased said drug, but it wasn't the simple generic cheapo stuff I'd have gone for, but something in a big, red box called Paracetamol Extra with added caffeine, zap, pow and blammo.

This is what he does every time he purchases any home remedies. He can't just buy own brand Lemsip, but he always picks out Lemsip Lazarus - guaranteed to raise the dead. He never buys a simple cough bottle, but always Benylin with Twirly Bits - titanium plates your bronchial system. I can only conclude that certain products are marketed for men.

Conversely, if he is ever ill or in pain, no matter how close to his final death agonies he claims to be, I can never get him to use any of these products. He may accept one paracetamol - half the dose - if he has a leg hanging off (not a usual occurrence), but I'd need to feel the urge to sing 'Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen' before he'll even suffer the cap of his super-duper cough bottle to be opened.

This perplexes me as yer average FFS-I-haven't-got-time-to-be-ill-I'll-sling-it-down-my-throat gal.

There are some males on my f-list. The rest of you surely know and have observed some. Please humour me and fill in a poll:
Poll #1269957 Painkillers - Kill My Pain

Why does he do this?

Buggered if I know.
He is illogical.
He purchases magic potions which lose their efficacity if used. Duh!
All men do this for reasons I shall elaborate below.
All men do this for reasons I do not care to elaborate. Get a sex change and I'll consider telling you.


I am not one of the world's great romantics, it must be said. I recall being rather impressed by one of my friends' parents who not only kept their wedding annversary, but celebrated the day of their first date each year. It is ironic that I can remember getting together with dr_mitch, but can barely for the life of me recall correctly upon which date this great and momentous anniversary falls.

I say something different each year, but this year I am saying June 13th. This would be yesterday. It was definitely 1995 and certainly on a Tuesday, my having finally been asked out after an LMH Formal Hall. I'm almost certain that it was the second Tuesday of the month, which was the 13th. Which left us in the odd position of celebrating 13 years together on Friday 13th. Triskaidecaphobics beware.

Again, being very romantic, we celebrated the day by rolling around feeling ill, recovering somewhat, shampooing the bathroom carpet, having a Tesco's chicken curry and then going to the pub. We are so cute!

I would like to add, however, that it is still possible to discover new and exciting facts about someone after 13 years. Only this afternoon, I was astounded to be told that Mitch's favourite drink ever is lemnade with lime, something I'd never hitherto observed.

Romance. It ain't dead you know!
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Mitch Porn

Yup - we've bought a digital camera. Nope - I'm not very good with it yet (but I have stopped trying to look through the non-existent viewfinder. Old dog, new tricks.).

Isn't he cute? And he does shave occasionally!
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Dr. Mitch is Getting On...

It was Mitchie's birthday yesterday. In among his welter of presents (pyjamas, dressing gown, longjohns,sandwich toaster, RPG books... say no more), we went out and ate enormous quantities of sushi, plotted the purchase of printers and history books, drank pints and then came home and watched some more of Rome (we'll likely do something more sociable in a bit).

As if all of this wasn't enough, I opened my e-mail Inbox and found a message from Bernd Hoffmann, who has been hanging around the Maths Institute with a view to writing up the architectural history of the building. the message contained Collapse )

Doesn't he look so sweet and unshaven? And, I may now hereby deny 95% of the responsibility for the state of the flat (as a hint, he says that the yellow mug in the photo '...just turned up...' in his office)! Hurrah! It's like it was my birthday too!

Thank you, Bernd. I have another picture of my honey and in his natural habitat, too...