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This Would Be My Life (and not a rehearsal)

I haven't been posting very much. This is because if I'm not working (Yay! WORK!), I'm making Sims grow vegetables...

For other stuff, there is a summary:

* got my full results for KDS. Shockingly, I received almost full marks for the oral exam, losing them on phonetics. The crappy grammar and reading comprehension (which I fouled up for the first time ever) came out as middling. The literature section, well... I didn't fail, but it looke close. Maybe I'll do some actual work beforehand next time I do an exam...

* my friend had her baby and he is GINGER! I'm sure I'll eventually meet this child and admirre his erythristic ways.

* no news on the permanent job front. Gah.

* the memorial stone for the guy we knew (cryptic?) has been completed and installed.

* Coco will soon be allowed out to roam, just as soon as she is chipped and my Mum and Sue get over her not being a little baby catlet any longer.

* Göttingen is still full of peculiar people. I fear that I may be one of them.

* aside from a couple of ropy days, Dr. Mitch is alive, well and currently obsessed by Delia Smith recipes and PS2 games.

* um...

Still Banal

Well, I took a different early bus this week and it was absolutely packed with grannies. However these grannies behaved themselves quite well. I may have to revise my opinions re little old ladies on public transport, even to the extent that perhaps one experiences a better class of such on the 2 than on the 4.

Of course, my experience of people smiling, saying excuse me, lack of elbow-induced abrasions etc. was somewhat counterbalanced by the presence on the bus of the woman who thinks I am a witch. Oh goody. Next week I'll try the 12.

Then it turned out that my client had cancelled anyway.

If you listen very carefully, you will hear a muffled thudding sound. That would be me banging my head against the wall...