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The Internet Is A Place Full Of Pictures Of Cats

The cat's birthday has been moved back to 4th July from 30th May (where it was 4thj July initially). This was established by the vet who, on the pre-spaying/innoculations visit, looked into Coco's mouth and noted wobbly teeth pointing towards her being about a month short of maturity. She is now booked in for 15th December, prior to anybody asserting that she was actually born in April 1832, but was subject to erratic bouts of time travel of unestimable length.

Doesn't seem to bother her, though.

My only bit of weirdness today was discovering that the posh bathware shop in Göttingen is now no longer there and has become a gummi-bear shop. Oh.
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It's Time to Get the Cuteness Quotient Up...

Due to the lack of substance and independently-inspired original content in my recent posts, I have decided to hit rock-bottom and publish a photograph of a kitten. On a tilt, no less.

Coco the Cat

Clíck here or on the image for photographs.

Yes, my Mum and Sue have purchased a kitten!

She is an RSPCA cat, estimated date of birth about 4th July 2006 and, if you look closely, totally black except for a spray of about 16 white hairs on her chest. She is very friendly, very active and has already been up the chimney twice.

And yes, Coco would be the name of a brown beastie, but having started off as a Mandy ('twould never do), then having fleetingly become a Poppy (they met an enormous Rottweiler of that name), Coco was finally named after Coco Chanel.

So, come Christmas I will get to play with the bigger version and... I guess I'm looking forward to it!