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New Year

There is a long list of things to remember, but here is a short film of our New Year - all fireworks, churchbells and honking cars:

(I still have a manky cold, but we do have a big container of stock from the duck which Mitchie roasted. A potential cure, should I turn it into soup, or merely a half-hearted Marx Bros. tribute...?)

As for resolutions, well there is the usual list of things to do more of and to do less of.

I think that one of the occasions which banged a sizeable nail into the coffin of sudden seasonal avowals to behave, came when I was about 20 and a lot of us talked about our New Year's resolutions. The girls came up with grand moral schemes - to use all of the opportunities presented, to make time to volunteer and help people etc. One girl even came up with 'working harder not to let people she didn't like see that she didn't like them' (you so have to be about 20 to say that out loud...).

The mood was somewhat broken by one guy, who thought for a little while, scratched his head and then proposed that he should endeavour to keep a spare loaf of bread in the freezer at all times in case he ran out.

I wonder if he does? :)