Marjory Frauts (marjory) wrote,
Marjory Frauts

The Sandy-cat was not eating. She was doing everything else in her customary monstrous manner, just not eating. Cue consternation.

She is now interested in food again. This is A Good Thing.

This morning I had an appointment and, mysteriously and miraculously, came home again. No sooner had I sat in my chair when there was the thunderous sound of a not-particularly-wasting-away kitteh launching herself from the upstairs hall window ledge, running downstairs and careering straight into me, bypassing dr_mitch. BYPASSING dr_mitch, I SAY! Not so much as giving him a second glance, although he is the closest thing on this Earth to being someone she adores.

"Aw, sweetie!" I trilled in delight, at the same second as I realised that she was performing her version of Timmy-Has-Fallen-Down-the-Well next to her posh food box.

I know what I'm for. Yeah, I had next to no function for her when she was 'stricken', apart from opening doors. The door thing is very important.

Yeah, I'm glad that kitteh is back on track*!

*The mercenary little ratbag!
Tags: sandy

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