Marjory Frauts (marjory) wrote,
Marjory Frauts

One Year of Sandy-Cat!

A year ago today, a skinny, little kitteh was lured home by dr_mitch. She scarfed down her then bodyweight in tuna, explored the entire house, made a purry fuss of everybody therein then buggered off again. She came back 4 hours later, did an offended double take when her dinner was not where it should be, graciously consented to eat a load more once I had redressed that error and then settled down to sleep behind the living room curtains. The last sentence was more of a flavour of life with the Sandy-cat subsequently.

Put it this way, we often have cause to remark that the sweet little cat who came into our house a year ago was eaten by the creature currently in residence.

She is, frankly, a bugger, a holy terror, a self-absorbed monster with a sense of entitlement the size of Swizerland. She is snooty, fussy, messy, naughty, stubborn, awkward to the last breath and practices imperiousness as though it were an art form.

She's brilliant, in other words!
Tags: sandy

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