August 9th, 2011


(no subject)

I'm trying very hard to not be utterly terrified about the London rioting. Considering that there have been outbreaks of violence in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool too, I am not vastly optimistic that there will not be further incidents in other places too. There are plenty of disaffected chavs everywhere after all and plenty of mobile phone shops/computer shops/off-licences/snazzy sneaker vendors too - them's good looting.

All I can personally really do is call my London friends tomorrow to make sure that they are OK. That and make sure that me and mine stay away from any areas with fancy shops as much as humanly possible.

Then I can sit back and try very hard to channel my annoyance with the inevitable politico talking heads who are already making appearances. That and to try very hard indeed to not completely despise an entire order of people whose aspirations run no higher than the opportunity for gratuitous violence and the chance to steal an enormous TV.