March 23rd, 2011


Buy! Buy! Buy!

dr_mitch, as well as being a mathematics sensei, likes to write role-playing adventures.

  1. Blood of the Gods - Wild Talents - Superheroes in Ancient Greece is very good fun and an adventure that people keep getting him to run at conventions. The base game can be bought here.

    To explain, he is fairly innocent of any of that Marvel/DC malarkey, but reasonably obsessed by Greek myths, ancient history and culture.

  2. Oh! And as a mathematical sensei he is also a bit obsessed by things like applying probability theory to mass combat rules, which is why he is credited here.

  3. Most recently, he wrote The Drowned Lands for Wordplay. This is a post.apocalyptic adventure and seemed to involve lots of playing around with apps to show what would happen if the South coast of England flooded and then gleefully flooding the area where he grew up.

  4. In the pipeline is Here be Dragons, which is currently being extensively play-tested* and a Wild Talents campaign all about the missing 9th Legion which seems to involve lots of obsessing about Picts and Celtic mythology.

I promise that all of these are fun and easy to run!

* By an elite squad of us and our mates buoyed up on takeaways and Pepsi Max. It's that scientific.