December 26th, 2005


Spoiled Marjory Writes...

So the day itself is done and dusted and very nice it was too. We have been thoroughly spoiled both here, in Netley, and back up in Darlington. I really do mean spoiled. Rotten.


18th December

Enjoyed the budget airline experience. Bought Goldwasser. Were rescued from Newcastle Airport by Mum and Sue. Newcastle Airport is minuscule but with the parking system from Gehenna.

19th December

Spent much of the afternoon trawling Darlington for a copy of a Fred Dibnah DVD which Amazon had proven unable to supply. Failed miserably and gained sore feet for our pains. Ended up in the 'Queen's Head' which probably isn't quite the crappest pub in Darlington, but... Matters not improved by the presence of a 'DJ' who had mixed his own HAPPYHAPPYHARDCORE versions of various Xmas hits. Next time will head for the 'Golden Cock' if stuck between buses.

20th December

Christmas! Mark One! With turkey, sprouts, incandescent Christmas Pudding and all! Mum seemed to be pleasedwith the lightweight coiled hose which she had been asking for for about 2 years. She also seemed rather pleased with the weather station, evinced by the regular in depth meteorological analyses which she was able to deliver to us throughout the rest of the visit.

21st December

Met up with Adrian in York. Picked up a copy of the sodding Fred Dibnah DVD. Visited the Roman Baths under 'The Roman Baths' for free, thanks to a very nice barman. Spent much of the evening in a pub called 'Three Cranes' in memory of Slug who is obsessed by cranes and gibs (although the pub was named after the avian type). Unfortunately Mitch fell over on Stonegate on his way back to the station, turning his ankle nastily and smashing his glasses into his face. Poor soul.

22nd December

A day at home, playing games and tending to the injured Mitch.

23rd December

Travelling to Netley by train. 'Nuff said.

24th December

Attempt made to buy readymade specs in Southampton. This was a bit of a mistake since the city centre was packed out with panicking shoppers. Oops! But I did get to read the last installment of my fab Advent Calendar...

25th December


Now we have to firm up arrangements for meeting a couple more people and....
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