December 22nd, 2005


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LJ Interests meme results

  1. cairn terriers:
    I have had two dogs in my life and they were both cairn terriers. They are merry little dogs - friendly, bouncy, energetic, hardy and clever. My current doglet, Muffin, will be 13 years old in March, which means that she is slowing down a little, and she is a diabetic, which also means that her eyesight isn't so great. When I get to see her, she is still my puppy and I wonder why anyone would want any other kind of dog.
  2. crystal:
    I like a) shiny things b)things made out of glass, especially drinkuing receptacles. It's that boring.
  3. depression:
    Dips in the ground have a certain... je ne sais quoi.
  4. friends:
    I want some, NOW! They are the people with whom we make happy memories. And it was a pleasantly trite thing to type in.
  5. hp lovecraft:
    Weirdly, I have to be in exactly the right mood before I can read old HP. In the right mood, I can make myself feel scared and horrified even by stories which I have read many times before. In the wrong mood, some of the stories read merely as florid prose and it can be too easy to become disenchanted with endings such as, "Aaaarrghhh, no! It's coming this way! It is cyclopean and the geometry is all wrong!"

    I think it works for me in general, considering that I can pick up my HP Lovecraft books repeatedly and experience the same thrilling feeling of dread and wonderment. Even playing the Call of Cthulhu RPG filled me with some of the same delicious horror.

    Besides, Cthulhu wants me for a sandwich.
  6. louis theroux:
    Hunk. Well, not a hunk precisely. But rather nice and very clever. I admire his work. Yes.
  7. neil gaiman:
    He has interesting ideas and takes on stories, sort of an A. S. Byatt for the younger generation. Stories rock.
  8. planescape:
    Imagine that there are 17 Outer Planes, governed by Law/Chaos/Good/Evil and each was populated by different gods, peoples, creatures and beings. Then imagine that in addition to this there are 4 Inner Planes for Earth/Air/Water/Fire, ditto. Then imagine that there are potentially an infinite number of Prime Worlds, ditto. And you can 'visit' each of these places and design them and peoople them and they are all somehow interconnected...
  9. richard francis burton:
    A fabulous linguist, explorer, geographer,poet and freethinker. A truly fascinating character. I could go on for pages and pages about him. He was ridiculously warped, prodigiously talented and larger than life.

    He was never married to Elizabeth Taylor.
  10. sparks:
    They are quite an interesting musical duo for whom I have an insane soft spot. I am not ashamed.

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