December 4th, 2005


Soft Shoe Shuffle

Well, I found some slippers up to spec, elegant in a bootiesque sort of way, fleece-lined and with snug velcro fastenings. In black. Mission-accomplished. All I have to deal with now is my apparent obsession with nightwear and associated soft cordwainery.

In fact, give or take a few items which we have asked other people to acquire for us and those still awaited by mail-order, we have finished our Christmas shopping. Honest. People can ask for all sorts of things from us now and we can smirk like mildly sadistic cheshire cats as we know that we aren't buying anything else, not even for those from whose loins we sprung. No. Well, probably not. Maybe a couple of those 99c radios. Perhaps. But it definitely ends here.

But... I haven't bought anything for Dr. Mitch yet, having given all of my tips to my Mum who was threatening to explode in frustratiion at lack of forthcoming ideas for and from him. Mmmm. No-one ever believes you when you say that you want socks and pants and maybe something a bit racy to read...
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