November 28th, 2005


Ranty, Sick, Y'Know Typething

Yeahyeahyeah. So I'm heartsick or else hormonal or else just slightly pissed off (just for a change) and today I blame... the weather and Krapp and Thewes or which ever bunch of builders and digger-uppers it is this time (except they have the most amusing name).

The weather is a bunch of ARSE! Again! Obviously I'm horribly spoiled this being Germany and late November, but it was 26°C a month ago and... well obviously that couldn't continue and didn't, but... WAH! Summer was all high air-pressure, fungal humidity and that strange feeling where you might conceivably flip and take all of your clothes off just to make life bearable and wouldn't especially mind if the rest of the dog-daying public did so (did I mention that my eyesight sucks?) BUT! Even then it wouldn't be enough. Today is too cold. Even indoors, with the heating on and many layers of fabric. I had some horrifcally vivid dreams concerning among other things, a zoological treatise on a little known pachyderm called the Sool (which was good) and another where I was arguing with a bank clerk that Darlington is nowhere near Manchester even if both places are up North. I asked Dr. Mitch why he had not yet taken to wearing his coat and he indicated that in future times (when it SHALL get colder) he would continue to wear his T-shirt, shirt, jacket, fleece and then add his coat to the pile, but not quite yet as he wanted to have something to look forward to. The snow is crap and wet. And the Weihnachtsmarkt has opened which means that the centre of town is covered in broken glass, chip papers and Glühwein puke, which is not made any more delightful by the addition of a rime of frost...

Krapp and Thewes... Have been digging up all of the road between 2 bus stops for months now. Again. And have left the place full of potholes, sand mixed with water and klinkers and... have all but removed the lighting from the street. Watch this space for news of alarming injuries.

And... Life feels as though it were wasting and in stasis and... well, we might get to see the OmU Harry Potter IV tonight...

In the meantime, Bikkits!
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