November 18th, 2005



Survived birthday.

Am older and more stupid.

Now proud owner of

a Cabbage Patch Kid
2 x M. Atwood books
lots of very large knickers in a bag
a shoe-bag
a tea-pot
a crap clock which looks good until you get up close to it
some earrings of crystalline brown
a PS2 game to which I have become mysteriously addicted
a bottle of malt whisky
a fridge magnet
some orangey roses

Yes, I am a materialistic slut. This is not necessarily A Bad Thing.

Dinner party tomorrow night and the flat still looks like a squatter camp....

Today is 16th anniversary of my Pappa dying.

Apart from that, my cold and my general background sense of impending doom and ever-present frustration, I am a jolly soulette.
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