September 6th, 2005


I Still Have My Ear Infection As Well...

1. Bad news, being that Michel Matthey is no longer among us. Yes, I have to be that coy as I'm getting sick of not being coy about such events. This is only someone who I had heard a lot about and who had been good mathmo buddies with Mitch, but... Well... Mitch is certainly upset and I'm not sure what to write (again).

2. In the interim I get to continue being frustrated over work and lack of, life and lack of, prospects and apparent lack of and generally look on the brightside of life, behaving all the while in a proactive fashion and certainly not consuming any excesses of a) Guinness b) Kristallweizen aka Mummie's little short-term helpers...

It's probably the sodding weather to tell you the truth, the pressure being as high as an elephant's eye and it being too hot, which is pretty much as bad as wintertime when I get to sneeze, shiver and hang around as lifelesss as any reptile with a source of heat removed from them (oh and I get to do Michael Flatley impressions too as I attempt to leave the house without knackering myself on the ice...). I could also blame hormones, blood sugar and brain chemistry. Must put my advert out at least and consider tidying the flat...

3.Something nice, finally. My mate Wayne was featured on BBC London speaking about birdwatching. Watch this seriously. He is brilliant. It's really only things like this and people like him who have stayed my hand regarding my earlier threat to abolish 2005 altogether, ignoring it for the remainder of the recommended duration of its dreadful antics.

Might go to Hamburg tomorrow if it isn't too hot!


And I've just had to send an e-mail to Mitch asking for stuff to be done which could easily be done here if a) Hotmail would accept Linux attachments (that is without installing IE which would likely prove to be too much excitement for this pooter) b)there was toner in the printer.

This is newsworthy as I don't think I've used so many profanities in an e-mail for such a long time now and I do indeed feel a little better.