August 10th, 2005


I'm Still On My Holidays!

Things Which I Have Never Done Before That I Have Done This Week:

Read someone's diary that wasn't a blog (this sounds truly ignoble, but there's a story there).
Saw Victory and Mary Rose.
Purchased a Beanie baby for myself ('tis a dragon).
Gone to the UK without the intention of seeing any members of my family (whine).
Met Adrian's mate Mark-from-Home (the other one).
Played 'hunt the cat poo' (although I am currently optimistically satisfied that Smudge is innocent of any misplaced defecation. At least nothing has yet been found).

Things Which I Haven't Done For Ages That I Have Done This Week:

Looked at charity shops.
Had a curry on top of a car park.
Had a curry for breakfast.
Paid hommage to a cat (and I now have really itchy eyes.
Met Zippy.
Impressed some 15 year olds (leading to the fear that maybe my whoile life has been predicated towards impressing 15 year olds).
Told someone not to do something just because it will look good on their CV if they aren't doing it for any other reason.
Consulted the Jape Files.
Slept in a room full of antique bottles.
Had breakfast outside in the sunshine.
Met a vast collection of other strange people.
Bought shoes.
Dyed my feet black in the rain.
Drank Baileys.
Got very annoyed at someone else's blog.
Slept in a single bed.
Laughed until the tears rolled down my face (more please!).
Had fish'n'chips from a proper chippie (the Germans just don't have the idea...

Things Which I am Always Doing Which I Have Been Doing This Week:

Most things, to be honest. I am a veritable portable bag of Eeyorism and mundanity. Hurrah.

In Other News:

Mitch didn't get the Leicester Uni job. Bah. The permanency would have been nice and the people were apparently rather cordial. Still, who wants to live in the frigging Midlands anyway?
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