August 3rd, 2005


Wake Me When It's Over

This has been yet another nonweek, largely because Mitch is away ahead of me (for a job interview at the Uni of Leicester no less) and I am marking time before I go away myself (especially as remaining client has disappeared). Feeling laconic.

* Someone said that I sounded like Peter Ustinov when I spoke German. Boggle.

* Something has bitten my neck. Yuck.

* Lots of thunderstorms, heat lightening and pressure build-ups keep making me migrainey and achey. Bah.

* I have only been accosted by one loony this week and that hardly counts. Yay.

* Have reread lots of things including Robert Graves' 'Goodbye to All That". This has probably put me in such a crispy mood, especially as I cannot get over quite hiow much he comes across as a complete sod (and I mean just his tone as opposed to his 'warts and all' anecdotes). Humph.

* Full moon is approaching. Howl.
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