July 20th, 2005


The Man Who Paints The Ducks At Place du Tertre

I am vastly out of date here. Oh bottoms. This tends to happen when one is actually doing stuff for a change. And I have no further time today. Not so as you'd notice.

The quick observation about this week is that although I couldn't put the new Harry Potter down when it arrived on Monday and Mitch was definitely the same, old J.K. seemed to have severely lost concentration towards the end which sort of spoiled the whole deal. Seems better on a reread, however. And I can't say more in case the 2.4 regular readers and their doglets might not yet have read HP6. And now probably only about another 2 years or so to wait to be mildly disappointed, the teensiest bit peeved and horribly enraptured by the very last in the series.

Apart from that, I have been to Paris and that probably requires some manner of entry...
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