July 1st, 2005


(no subject)

I am feeling especially dark, desperate and crap right now and could do with any cheering up. I have no shame.

Assemblage of things to make me wrily smile:

1. I'm going to Paris next week for my Mum's 60th.
2. I did some posh shopping this week, which was funny inasmuch as in posh shops everybody demonstrates items to you very earnestly indeed. I also bought something which was the opposite of to my taste (but not for me) from a selection of about 100 of the buggers. 'Twas surreal.
3. My weirdo magnet. Some drunken man started hugging me at the bus stop the other week, I'm not sure why. During periods when I've really needed a hug and none have been forthcoming I ought to have considered this method. This was balanced out by no sightings of Mad Bus Woman (phew!).
4. Some twat driving through Gö this week had one of those big bass woofer stereos thumping and blaring and his windows open. He was playing... Scooter. Ouch.
5. I bought a PS2 game for a mere 10 euros. It's in German, but still fun. And my Sims family is blooming, thank you!
6. My bath plug with its rubber duckie float fascinates me.
7. Um...