June 20th, 2005


The 1st Recipe I've Put Here...

This weekend we spent a ridiculous amount of time shopping for foodstuffs, a large (but not sufficiently so) amount of time cleaning house and much of Saturday evening cooking said foodstuffs for the Brothers Hoffmann, who turned a certain age on that very day (information supplied by request).

For this reason, the wint'ry June weather naturally turned into raging hot, blood-boiling 40-something territory, which is obviously precisely what you want when you're stood over a hot stove or peforming the little miracle which turns the sink from yellowish-brown to white again. Mea culpa, if indeed 'tis I or the Mitch who controls the weather.

Apart from that, it was a good eveing and even the food was okay, although I quickly realised that many of our offerings contained one or more of the same 3 ingredients, i.e. tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and/or garlic ( KP syndrome, but with fewer spring onions, less garlic, more protein and many times more edibility!). Just call me Mamma Frautsi.

The main dish was lamb, very unbritishly marinated in white wine, olive oil, garlic, soy and a bit of rosemary. My main contribution (apart from the cake which collapsed and the vanilla pudding which no-one would touch on grounds of being over 14 years in age and it looking like a mammary gland) was a sort of adaptation of something in one of our Middle Eastern cookbooks and is something which I call Xipe Totec Salad on account of how many vegetables I have to flay in order to make it. It contains all 3 of our common ingredients. I can't make this salad look nice at all, but it is perfect for a Summer's day and tastes rather good, if you like that sort of thing...

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