June 6th, 2005


10 Years Together

Today is the 10th Anniversary of myself and Dr. Mitch starting to go out with one another on a not-purely-friends basis! Plans for today? None really. although it is pleasantly auspicious to have made 10 years in a world where very little that is nice seems to last for more than 10 minutes in a row.

It is possibly also time for me to reflect not upon what I have achieved in the past 10 years (not-a-lot) but maybe what paltry scraps I have learned in 10 years, between an age when I thought I was grown-uppish (tchoh!) to an age where I should at least pretend to be... um... not-a-kid.

1. If someone complains about their boyfriend/girlfriend/what-have-you to you or in your immediate presence, even if you agree that the individual concerned is a complete...Hausmeister generally or in the lists of love and/or has behaved unacceptably, don't put your oar in or else this will come back and bite you on the bum. Unaccountably, you will have become one of the people who was being unacceptably unpleasant about Partner X in the new reformed memory of Whinger Y who will have decided again that the former is a perfect being. This happens largely with the whingy and sadly with those with genuinely abusive partners. Being there, listening and being supportive is good; chiming in just gets you into trouble. Really. 'Road to Hell' and all that.

2. English is not my secret language, not even in Germany where the majority of the population claim not to speak English. Conducting e.g. an extensive comic monologue upon the considerable manly charms of the Hausmeister will just get people very interested and pruriently shocked. Certain words are universally known.

3. Don't stay out after the last bus if drink is involved. It's probably not a good idea.

4. If someone starts talking about, "Just liking to speak my mind" or being very 'straightforward' etc. etc. etc., you are entitled to run away. This is the same for people who insist you should be an accountant or a history teacher, but you just need to smile primly at them until they get the message.

5. Not all Tories are evil.

6. Just because somebody doesn't like you, it doesn't mean that they have to let you know all about it and if they feel this way then you should be kind of honoured in a backhanded sense. This works for you too (although it can be somewhat amusing on Usenet). If someone who you've never met or don't know claims not to like you, feel sorry for them.

7. Don't believe everything you are told about yourself, especially if it's bad. This goes for things you hear about other people too. Make up your own mind about stuff. That's why you have one.

8. You do have to dust behind cupboards and bookshelves and stuff. Poo!

9. Sometimes people are just jealous and limited. They can get stuffed in that regard. Being naturally weird isn't a bad thing.

10. If you pick it it really won't get better. It's still fun to pick it, though.
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