May 20th, 2005



Well, I crowned last night by falling down from the very last step of the steps which run down the hill at the side of our building. It wasn't even one of the rotting and crumbling steps, which is the majority median grouping in that flight. I managed not to swear. Bloody sore knees now, complete with bits of trouser still to come out of them. The usual slow-mo fall thing occured, which was really rather a dreadful waste of adrenalin as I don't see how I could have stopped myself from falling on that and other similar occasions (although I guess if I were falling from something high and had the opportunity to grab onto something it might be useful then). Perhaps I could train myself to subvert the normal "OhGodit'sgonnabepainful!" feeling of impotent dread into something more like, "Whee! I'm flying!" so I can have a little fun before I hurt myself anyway...

Being disorganised, I appear to be having my Friday 13th a little late or else I am just in a medium-grade clumsy-and-unfortunate-git phase. This seems to have involved quaffing (in the Terry Pratchett sense) virtually every drink I have had this week, alcoholic or not. Not sure quite how I'd miss my mouth, should I attempt to do so deliberately, but there you go. I bought a new plug for the kitchen sink (rock'n'roll!) and, despite having measured both the old plug and the aperture, managed to buy one that was far too small (and I can't take it back as it came in packaging, now removed). I keep forgetting to buy toothbrushes (although when I found myself in the chemist's, having propelled myself in there on the pretext that there was something I had to buy and I would remember if I went in, I did purchase a sachet of bath salts solely because the name of the product-line was 'Morning Wind'. I'm very juvenile, not even that deepdown.). The usual cause-and-effect process of the being in the bath maiing the phone ring seems to be especially frequent this week. I also managed to set my alarm clock 2 hours forward as I set the alarm, something I didn't discover until I turned on the teletext on the TV and saw the time there. This meant that I woke myself up very early indeed (except because I have been waking up with the sun anyhow, I was awake anyway.) although I guess that I gained an extra 2 hours of morning really, allowing me to have an extra long bath in the middle of which there was ever greater potential for someone to phone me!

Could I rewind somewhere? Preferably to about 1973...
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