May 17th, 2005


Tote Hosen

Dr. Mitchener is off in Oberwolfach for a whole week, again. I have no work until Friday, again. As a result, although it is only Tuesday, I have managed to develop the very special type of boredom which I can recall from when I was a small child. You know the type of thing - someone says you must wait an hour and this is unthinkable, since an hour is literally forever. Five minutes can take on epic proportions and a week... The boredom of which I speak as a child did not merely denote impatience, but it has a physical quality to it, almost a pain or smell. While I suppose that I should play Pollyanna and appreciate instead the poignant return of juvenile experience (also with the bonus-by-omission of there being no bigger person to tell me off for being a whiny pest), I'm actually getting on my own wick even more than usual (ha! Split role! Adult AND child!).

Let's brush aside the issue of the tidiness-or-lack-thereof of the flat and how that alone could eat up hours in a constructive manner. I have been rereading books that I love and finding them... grey. The PS2 games seem oddly samey. I want to write something, anything, and I can't. I have watched our DVDs too many times. Things on TV seem even more turgid than usual (the last one is German TV though, although it should not go uncommented that one of the chief Bank Holiday offerings was 'Convoy'. Which is better than the 15th reshowing of 'Jurassic Park' or 'Titanic'. I don't suppose that 'The Great Escape' would be quite so popular here). I could get drunk, but that's so common. I could call friends, but really they would be required to entertain me for 24 hour stretches and forget their own lives (and what's wrong with that?). Add the fact that I seem to be suffering insomnia and waking up with the sun at about 4:30am regardless and...

Hey! I've just figured it out! I'm actually prematurely aged!

Or I could just quit whinging, call up some victims, rent an inane movie or a violent game and make a spirited putsch on my paper mountain/dust-kitty corral/festering laundry-pile...
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