May 10th, 2005



Am feeling mean and ornery.

Was reminded of existance of 1 horrid person who I hadn't seen in... ooh... 9 years and probl'y won't again. Badly tempted to ask the reminder if s/he is still as much of a prick, although I've not thought of hi/r in about, well, somewhat less than 9 years, but had basically forgotten s/he had existed. Damn! One mentionlet and I become a whingy 18 all over again!

Weather pissing me off. It is crazy and fluctuating and therefore so am I. I keep waking up and, instead of enjoying waking up as was normal for me once upon a time or at least having the excuse of having to be somewhere and functional by 9am everyday as the pretext for nonplussedness, I... could just stay under the covers and await whatever gradual oblivion. If I didn't find it such a wanky concept, I would try nihilistic out for descriptive size.

But mostly I am just feeling mean and ornery ;-P
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