April 22nd, 2005


Home Improvements

I have to warn the occasional snoopers/readers/stalwart non-here-commenters of this journal that what I am about to share with you may well make you weep with jealousy.

Once in a while my particular gentleman friend and I make special forays into the world of consumerism with a view to improving our modus vivendi. We could now, if we so chose (and so dared) drink out of crystal. We can now go home and blow up pixellated hobgoblins to our heart's content. What more could we possibly require? Thus it was that on Tuesday we went and bought a new... toilet seat.

Put it this way, if ever anyone had perceived that we had a rock and roll lifestyle before, the proof of the proverbial pudding is before you now. It is German-made, bacteria-shirking, comes with a five year guarantee and is (currently) very white indeed. And it has improved our aforementioned modus vivendi considerably.

Oh God! I remember childhood, adolescence and some shady early-twenties passage where I read lots of history books and drank very bad wine. SURELY there should have been SOMETHING in between that and late middle-age?
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