April 13th, 2005


You Tell Me Some Things That You Like...

I like the way that after a lesson, the board is scrawled all over with higgledly-piggledly vocabulary words, giving the impression that some chaotic, disconnected, stream-of-conscious, mildly arcane rite has taken place (it generally sort of has!).

Current words on board, from top to bottom and left to right:

helicopter proficient would
jealous oil/grease sebum use
envy to
covetousness leaked leak


Like... Far out, dude!
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More dolefully, I have found a small tributette to Des, the guy who has sadly just killed himself, on his supervisor's page.

Dumbly, the thing which struck me first of all is that he was 364 days younger than me.

Next, that he appears to have been flipping clever, getting the top grade in the Cambridge Part 3 being somewhat impressive alone.

Lastly, that if it's written up here, then it must be true.