March 22nd, 2005


Spread A Little Happiness...

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In other words, maybe the negative and self-conscious stuff is unseasonal depression laced with severe paranoia and complicated by tiredness due to my having to actually do some work for a change (actually, it's the morning bit which gets me, especially as I am not really permitted to be useless but rather I must attempt to be active, entertaining and authoritative, which means 3 impossible things [locally speaking] which I must accomplish before breakfast). Conversely, I always feel skittish in Spring. This will fade.

Maybe my clients will indeed drop out, but I have no control over that, not truly if they choose to do so so early on. Maybe they won't and I can keep working away and really plan what I am doing next (which is always subject to change and might necessitate the purchase of a new notebook [HINT: When in doubt, I buy stationery. I could open a shop by now. A good one.]).

A surmise is that only the hairdresser problem is intractable, and even then I might be pleasantly surprised (grimace).
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