February 14th, 2005



Which could also be St. Vitus' Day...

Update in as few words as possible...

Health: Keep being ill. Today is Mitchie's turn. It involves emesis. T'riffic!

Actually saw a Krankengymnastik dude and discovered that his hourly rate is less than mine, and that includes him putting up with the likes of me coming in and getting the exercises resolutely wrong (I need to strengthen and generally unknot my back and improve my posture... um... a lot...).

'Tis snowing. According to the news, half of Germany is filled with coldy-fluey-virussy people, so maybe the snow will kill those bugs off (but the result will be carcrashy- broken-boney people...).

Wealth: Finished all 3 contracts last week and went to a Farewell Party for a 6 and 3 year-old. Met my first German German teacher there. Felt quite pleased in a way as we were the only childless people there which meant that we could say hello, drop off the pressies, drink cocoa, eat cake and then go! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!

I have a Probestunde on Friday, via a recommendation. Another kid! Hope it goes well and that a few more contracts come in!

Stern suspicions that I shall never be rich.

Happiness: Well, y'know...

Perplexity at job disappeared for now. Angst over US Foreign Policy is generalized and intractable. Nice Mitchie. Insane male relatives (but what's new there?). Christian going to Bury, which is a good thing for those who love him purely as him as opposed to as a concept.

Mustn't grumble. Probably shall.