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Li'l Bass-Studs on the Bus

No Harry Potter in English today after all, but we did get to come across 3 specimens of puer vulgaris as we took the bus to the cinema. They looked about 11 or 12, all clad in matching football gear and straight out of some soccer class or other. As we are nice (sic) we'd moved further back in the bus to make room for older folks in the front and we ended up sat almost opposite them.

So we're chatting away when I noticed three sets of beady little eyes boring into us, including the kid sat with his back to us who had craned around to have a better gawp. Charming. I considered having a good stare back, but decided on the catching their eye method just to see if they'd be any less rude and brazen. Didn't work. Decided to ignore them. Even Mitch noticed (he is Mr Blissfully Oblivious in 9/10 cases) and said that he thought they might be curious as we were speaking english.

The staring continued during the journey and was supplemented by them pointing at us and whispering stuff to one another, pointing and laughing and loudly mimicking anything we said. Nice. I decided against the full on snake-eyed hackey treatment, in case that encouraged them further. At least we were giving someone, somewhere some amusement and they were just kids after all.

When the time came for them to leave the bus, they made some rude faces and then banged the bit of the bus below my window as they passed by, treted themselves to a few catcalls. Oh the hilarity...

Except it wasn't their stop yet. 3 remarkably sheepish lads got back on the bus and sat down across from us and watched us with faces of doom. They were incredibly still and silent. We pissed ourselves with laughter. Bothering bigger folks on the bus isn't as much fun when one is within arm's reach 2 minutes later...

The best bit was when we got off the bus ourselves. As we went past, 3 little terrors jumped back like scalded cats and cowered away from us. I obviously have the look of a prime dropkicker about me and Mitch must be a deadringer for an all-in wrestler.

As the bus pulled away I waved in a jolly fashion. They cowered.

There isn't really a moral to this story. I actually quite like kids of this age as I know already just how foul they can be; kind of the same reason I like Paris - it isn't personal and you know ahead of time. When they behave in a seemly manner, it's a bonus. Dafter still is the fact that I was afraid to provoke them into further tiresomeness and got my quick revision-course re the fact that we were rather scarier to them just by being bigger. Oh. I live to fume another day.
Tags: Göttingen, bus, rousseau was wrong!, there she goes making friends again!

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