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One Lovely Black Eye

Humph! It appears that I am not safe to be let out on my own...

Today's adventure was yukky, to say the least. I was supposed to meet my Mitch downtown in order to flesh out my lifestyle - that being of an international jetsetter - and to go hence into a common person's supermarket in order to purchase fine viandes for the coming week and then... it happened.

Picture one ...erm... me innocently disembarking the bus and then... well... I felt a terrible thud in my right eyebrow and then, before I'd taken that on board, I found myself spawled in an undignified heap on the pavement. I hadn't actually been shot, but rather a young gentleman had decided to run for the bus I was getting off and had sideswiped me with his accelerating forehead as he went. Fun.

The result involved a) my glasses being broken b) me being somewhat stunned c) lots of bystanders running to my rescue d)me having a weeping fit, this being the first resort of Marjorys who don't really know where they are nor yet what they are doing and yet who are expected to answer such complicated questions as, "Are you okay?" in foreign.

Gentle reader, please rest assured that the citizenry of Göttingen are really a caring bunch at heart, that I was subsequently able to buy victuals, that I have a spare pair of specs at home and that purple is still my favourite colour even when emblazoned across my right eye (as seems, inevitably, to be the case with my right eye for now. But we did buy steak. Le sigh.).

I bet that bloke won't be running for anything in a hurry...

(Ouch and double ouch)
Tags: accidents, bus, göttingen

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