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So Christmas Is Over

I still have a manky cold and, not being of a stoical nature, this appears to have effected a SOH bypass upon me (hope this is temporary as I have things to do and I'm getting on my own... wick).

So, now that Scrapbook has decided to behave again, New Year!

Hoffmänner and Mitch relaxing in the inexorable eddy of disorder which we call home.

Further circumstantial evidence that a) we ain't vegans b) we have a vendetta against all poultry (this one was a duck before we devoured it).

This firework photo very nearly came out. I very nearly bought fireworks myself for New Year, having come upon a large selection of such in the supermarket very cheaply, but I gave up on the idea when I saw that virtually everything carried the advice to keep 100m distance upon lighting e.g. landmines. This didn't stop everyone else, though... Love fireworks. Love having all of my limbs more.
Tags: 2006, 2007, duck, firework, göttingen, new year

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